126nw printer driver

Whether You are a Student , Employed Professional , Business Owner or just a human , Printers play an important role in our day to day life and In general Printer is a Device that Transforms the digital data into physical data . On the other hand whether you are using inkjet printer or laser or monochrome or color one , All of these just perform a simple task of collecting data from PC / Laptop or Mobile Smartphones via USB Cable or WiFi or by other means and After collection the Printer will Interpret that data in its own language and Start Printing that data on Sheets whether it is of A4 size , A3 or Glossy or Anything Else , At the End your Data will be printed but As In case of a motor vehicle like Bus or Car we do need a Driver who can tae control over it so that we can reach at our destination ,Similarly Printer is Also having a Driver and without that a printer can never work or can’t be connected to any of the external device. Driver in case of printer is used to activate the brain of the printer so that a Printer can Understand the command from Computer or pc ( for example Print , Scan , Copy or more ) and Important thing is that a printer can only printer can only understand or capture the pdf , excel sheet or image png or jpeg file from computer with the help of a driver. In some cases it also happens like your page will stuck inside printer , Ink will Leak , print quality is not fine , printer produces inrelavent sound and more of that and the Driver which we install on our printer will setup commands inside printer about how to fix these problems and is responsible for troubleshooting .

How to Download and install Printer Driver

So , Hello Everyone we would first of like to welcome on our site or Article and we hope that this article will help you a lot , In this Article we are going to provide you the driver file for your device to be downloaded and side by side we will discuss detailled instructon or steps that need to be followed while installing this driver onto your Windowd , MacOS or Linux Based Operating System. We are goup of experinced professional working from more than 10 years in the field of Computer Hardware and Softwares and In case you stuck into some problem we would be happy to help you out .

Download Section

Dear users First of All Download this driver file for your printer and keep it in a safe place or folder because we will use this file in further procedure , So as per you Operating System just Choose the File :

For Windows Operting System – DOWNLOAD ( Windows 11 10 8.1 8 7 XP 64 and 32 bit )

For MacOS – DOWNLOAD ( MacOS All Versions 64 and 32 bit )

For Linux – DOWNLOAD ( Ubuntu , kali linux , linux mint , arch linux and more )

Installation Section

I hope that you have now Downloaded the Driver File and Now you are ready to start the Installation Process But Fist of all Keep in mind of the Following things :

  • Make sure that your PC / System is Turned on
  • Turn On the Printer and make sure it is Working Fine
  • Connect your PC or Laptop with Printer using Data Cable or USB or the Cable Provided by the Manufacturer

Alright Now only one thing has to be done , You have to Check the Operating Sytem of Your PC / Laptop and find out the Arcitecture of the CPU , whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit or the 64 or 32 is not a problem just see whether you are using windows , macos or linux , So according to that just proceed to the Below Installation Instructions

For windows

Just follow the below steps and your a done with the installation of driver onto your system :

  • Open the Location of the Previous Driver File and Right Click on it Select Run as Administrator
  • A popup windows will Open and Fist of Accept the Terms and Condition
  • Click on Next and Next Untill the Setup gets done
  • Restart you PC / Laptop or System and Connect your Printer with PC
  • Now open any PDF or Documnet or Image file you want to takeprint of
  • Just Run a Test Print and Check for the Quality of Printing
  • Finally You are done with it and Now Enjoy Unlimited Printing

for macos

If you are using te Macintosh Operating System by Apple Inc. then follow the below procedure :

  • The first step is mounting the disk by double-clicking on the downloaded image file. This step unpacks the archive and fits it on the appropriate installer
  • Identify the name of the particular data to install and double-click it to start the process properly
  • The installation procedure begins. Pay attention to the messages and respond accordingly. If there is a prompting to accept or agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement, scan through and accept the terms.
  • Choose the destination of the installation process and click on CONTINUE
  • Click INSTALL. The administrator requires you to input the Username and Password of the admin and click on INSTALL
  • Complete the process of installation and close the page
  • Finally, the system notifies you on successful completion of the installation process
  • Restart the system before the use of the printer.

for linux

If you are using Ubuntu , Kubuntu , Kali Linux , Linux Mint or other Distros Powerred by Linux Operating System then Follow the Below Instructions step by step and you are done with it :

  • When you have downloaded the particularly needed software, connect the printer
  • Make sure that the printer links correctly to your PC or the required network of computers
  • Go to “Systems” and proceed to “Printers.” The system proceeds to the printer screen
  • Click on “Add” button with a plus sign before it to add a new printing device
  • A screen pops up where you can insert the device URL that you have identified or local a network printer or software on the downloaded folder
  • Fill the information and proceed
  • Complete the installation progression and restart your computer
  • Enjoy your printer


As I said in the First Section of this Article at the End Now You are done with the Driver Installation for Your Printer Device and From Now on You have to just Enjoy te Printing in just one Command and I think each and every Step related to each Operating System has been dicussed properly but if you still having doubts then No worries we are here to help you out Just reach to us via comment section below or just fill up te contact Form. Thanks a lot for Reading our Artcle .