Download Driver Brother HL-2220 Printer for Linux

Welcome to Driver2Download , In Our Article we Talk About Printers and the things Related to that and Today we have choosen a Specific Top on Brother HL-2220 Printer and Let us Discuss that .Are you Struggling in Finding the Driver File for Your Brother HL-2220 All over the Internet then I would say that your Search Now ends up here , In this Article You are Going to get the Driver Download File for Your Printer and After following the Steps Mentioned in the Below Section you can Succesfully Install that Driver on Your PC /Laptop, But First of All Let us Talk About some of the Basic Terms as Follows :

What is Driver and Why we Need this to use Our Printer ?

A Driver is Nothing but Set of Software used to Connect Printer to Various Devices Such as Computer , Laptop , PC or Other Devices and main function of this Driver is that it Translates the Computer data that can be understood by Your Printer. Each Printer consists of Different Hardware and Software Configurations so with the help of Driver a Computer can Easily give commands to the printer and can Read the Data . It allows your computer or Device to establish the connection with the device so that you can use it. Drivers are essential for the proper functioning of printers since they allow the printer to interpret the data sent from the computer. Without the driver, the Brother HL-2220 printer may not be able to interpret the data and as a result, the output may be incorrect or of poor quality. Therefore, it is essential to install the correct driver for your printer in order to get the best performance from your printer.

Download Driver Brother HL-2220 Printer for Linux

What are the Key Specifications of Brother HL-2220 ?

Printers are an essential piece of hardware for any home or office, and there are a variety of Brother HL-2220 printer specifications. This Printer include features such as a print head, ink cartridges, paper tray, and a connection interface. Some of the most good things about this device is that it offers good print resolution, page per minute printing speed, and memory capacity. Printer resolution determines the level of detail, clarity, and sharpness of the output, while page per minute printing speed is quicker than the other models of the same Manufacturer. Memory capacity determines how much information the printer can store and process at any given time and This device plays hard in that thing. Overall this Device is Good as per Quality , connectivity options, and cost. ( more )

Which operating system versions are compatible with Brother HL-2220

The Brother HL-2220 Printer is Compatible with All the Operating Systems Present on this World whether it is Windows , MacOS or Linux , But Sometimes it is Possible that some old version of that OS may not support or Installation of Driver may be not succesfull But Don’t worry we are here to Help You out in Each problem , So Following are the versions of Operating System on which you can use to take Printout , Scan and anything you want to do with Brother HL-2220 :


Ubuntu,Debian,CentOS Linux,CentOS Stream,Red Hat Enterprise Linux,Gentoo,Fedora,OpenSUSE,Scientific Linux,CloudLinux,Elementary OS,Linux Mint,Arch Linux,Manjaro,Oracle Linux,Slackware,Mageia,Clear Linux,Rocky Linux,AlmaLinux,Asahi Linux,Lubuntu,SUSE Linux,Knoppix,VzLinux,Peppermint OS,Zorin OS,BlackArch Linux,SUSE Liberty Linux,Navy Linux, Kali Linux

How to Download Brother HL-2220 driver for Free in 2023 ?

Yes the driver files which we need to install on our system is available free of cost and you have no need to pay for this , In the Following 5 Ways we are going to learn how to get the driver file for our Brother HL-2220 printer :

  1. Download from the Printer Manufacturer’s Website: The best way to download a printer driver file is to go to the printer manufacturer’s website. There you will likely find the latest driver file. Simply search for your printer model for example that your Printer Model name is Brother HL-2220 So just Google it or Visit Manufacturer Site and Locate this Model and then select the appropriate file for your system.
  2. Check the Printer’s Manual: If you have the printer’s manual, you can locate the driver file on it. Scan through the manual and look for the section that provides instructions on downloading the printer’s driver file. In many Cases a DVD or CD is Placed Inside the Manual Containing the driver Installation Files So , If you have a DVD Writer you can use that and just grab the driver File from it and follow the Instructions given on Manual or Now a Days a QR or Scan Code is Also given for Downloading the Driver file , So you have to Find out that Accordingly.
  3. Use a Third-Party Driver Update Tool: There are several third-party driver update tools that can help you easily download the printer driver file for your device. These tools scan your system for outdated drivers and download the correct version for your device.
  4. Contact Printer Manufacturer’s Support Team: If you’re unable to find the driver file on the printer manufacturer’s website, you can contact the manufacturer’s technical support team. They will likely be able to provide you with the correct driver file for your printer.

These are the Basic Ways to find out the driver file for your printer But Let me Introduce myself , I am a Software Developer having more than 10 Years of Experience in Working with Printers and Driver and Common Troubleshooting Methods . So , As You have now came to Our Site then what is need of wasting lot of time in findind the driver file. So , In the Following Section we have Provided the Direct Links Following which you can get the Driver File for Brother HL-2220 as Per Your Operating System :

Driver File Download Section for Brother HL-2220 Printer

Operating SystemFile NameSize (MB)Download 64 BitDownload 32 Bit
LinuxBrother HL-2220-linux.deb32.12/18.95 LINK 1 LINK 2
UbuntuBrother HL-2220-ubuntu40.84/28.24 LINK 1 LINK 2
Just choose you Operating System and CPU Architecture and Start Downloading the File after that Just Save that File in a Differnet Folder So that you can again use that.

Some common precautions that need to follow before installation

  • Make Sure to Check that Your Printer is Fully Working , Like is Scanner or Priniting Function
  • Also make sure the USB Port of Your Laptop is Fully Function , You may also check same by connecting other Devices like Smartphones or Hard Disks or Other Media

How to Install Driver on PC /Laptop for Brother HL-2220 Printer

Now You have the Downloaded the Required File from the Above Section and Can Proceed Further Process in Installing this File on Your PC / Laptop .So, without any further delay let us start installation of driver file using following methods :

For Linux

Linux is a Family of Open Source Operating Systems based on Unix OS composed with Linux Kernel and was First Avaialble in the Year 1991 . As it is an Open Source Operating System So Any One can Open , Read , Edit and Distribute this Operating System Due to Result of which many Popular Linux Based OS are Developed Till date Such as Ubuntu , Kali Linux , Kubuntu , Arch Linux , Linux Mint and Also these OS are Faster than the Windows Oprating System and more Secure. Our Team has tested the Driver file and Below Procedure on All Linux Distros and Succefully Taken Printouts and checked this printer by giving every command like Scan , Print , Copy and more .

How to Setup Brother HL-2220 Printer on Linux Based Operating System or Distros

In Order to Install the Driver File for Brother HL-2220 So to Setup this Printer Device with your PC based on Linux Operating System , Just Follow the Below Procedure and You are done :

  1. Download the Printer Driver for your Linux/Ubuntu system from the above Table.
  2. Connect the Printer to your Linux/Ubuntu system via USB or wireless connection.
  3. Open the Terminal and enter the command “sudo apt-get install “.
  4. Enter the root password when prompted.
  5. When the installation is complete, restart the system.
  6. Open the Printers menu and select the newly installed Printer.
  7. Select the correct Printer Model, then click “Apply”.
  8. Enter the Printer settings and select “OK”.
  9. Print a test page to ensure the Printer is working correctly.
Steps for Installing Drivers on Linux Operating System for Brother HL-2220

Video Demonstration on how to download & Install driver for Brother HL-2220 on laptop/pc Based on linux

The Following is Visual Guideline on How to Download as well as Install the Driver File or Software Installation File for Your Brother HL-2220 Printer and Also If the Above given guidelines are not Working You then the Following Video Explains All this Process in Best Way and Just Follow the Step by Step Guidelines for Every Operating System Whether you are using Linux as Below :

Video Demonstration on How to get or Download the Driver File for Brother HL-2220 Printer for All Operating Sysems Linux
Step by Step Visual Guidlines on How to Install Driver File on Linux Based Operating Systems like Ubuntu , Kali Linux , Arch Linux , Linux Mint and Other Distros

frequently asked questions

Q1. What is a printer driver?
A1. A printer driver is a piece of software that allows your computer to communicate with your printer and control its features. It translates the data from the software application into a language that the printer understands and allows your printer to perform its intended tasks.In this Article this thing is Discussed in Depth You can Refer the whole Article to Find out more of the Q&A

Q2. How do I install a printer driver?
A2. Depending on your printer model and operating system Such as Windows , macOS , Linux, you may install the printer driver either manually or automatically. To install manually, you must download the appropriate driver from the manufacturer’s website, then follow the instructions provided. To install automatically, you can connect your printer to your computer and your operating system will detect the device and install the necessary drivers.

Q3. What if I can’t find the printer driver I need?
A3. If you can’t find the driver you need on the manufacturer’s website, you may be able to find it on a third-party website. However, be sure to check the website for legitimacy and only download the driver from a trusted source.

Q4. How do I update my printer driver?
A4. You can update your printer driver manually or automatically. To update manually, you must download the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website, then follow the instructions provided. To update automatically, you can connect your printer to your computer and your operating system will detect the device and install the necessary drivers.

Q5. What type of printer driver do I need?
A5. The type of printer driver you need depends on your printer model and operating system. Make sure you download the correct driver for your specific model and operating system.

Q6. What are the benefits of updating my printer driver?
A6. Updating your printer driver ensures that your Brother HL-2220 is functioning properly and that you can use the latest features available. Additionally, it can help improve overall performance, reduce errors, and improve compatibility with other software applications.

Q7. How do I know when my printer driver needs to be updated?
A7. You can usually determine if your printer driver needs to be updated by checking for notifications from the manufacturer or checking your printer manufacturer’s website for the latest driver version.

Q8. Is there a risk in downloading a printer driver from an untrusted website?
A8. Yes, it is important to download the driver from a trusted source. Downloading a driver from an untrusted website could put your computer at risk of malware, viruses, or other malicious software.

Q9. What do I do if my printer driver isn’t working?
A9. If your printer driver isn’t working, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. If that doesn’t work, try updating the driver to the latest version. If none of these solutions work, contact the manufacturer for technical support.

Q10. What should I do if I don’t have a disk to install my printer driver?
A10. You don’t need a disk to install your printer driver. You can usually download the driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it manually.

Some Important information that every printer owner should know


Now , I think You Finally got the Driver File for the Brother HL-2220 as well as you are aware of all the Ways by which we can Successfully Install the Driver on our Printer and Before Doing Everything First of All Know the Model of Your Printer and Search for that Model Driver on Internet, Following up the Manufacturer Website is the Best & Geniune Method . We are here to Provide All the Troubleshooting and Installation Guides Related to Every Printer Available on this World So, If at Any point You are missing Something feel free to Ask us , Our Team will Help you as soon as Possible to do so Contact us through the Comment Section Below or Fill up the Contact Form .