How to Fix My Printer Won’t Print issue Easily ?

There is a number of reasons why your printer might not be printing even if you just installed a fresh cartridge of ink. Try checking through this list to eliminate the possibilities:

  • Try printing a test page to see what colors are missing. If there are any missing colors, you might have clogged printheads. Here’s how to fix clogged printheads.
  • You left the yellow tape on the new cartridge or maybe the cartridge is not installed.
  • You have an outdated printer driver
  • Clear the printer queue.
  • Do a hard reset on your printer. To do this you just need to turn off your printer, unplug for a few minutes and then plug the printer again. If that still doesn’t work, try turning the printer and your computer off, and then start it back up again.
  • Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your printer driver.