How to Fix New Cartridge Not Working issue of Your Printer ?

Every once in a while you might come across a new cartridge that gives you trouble. If you have recently installed a cartridge and an error machine pops on your printer’s display, take these steps to try and fix this issue:

  • If you still have your old cartridge on hand, try reinstalling it back into your unit. Often, your printer will start right back up, and in many instances, you’ll find there was still ink left in the old cartridge!  Once the old cartridge is acknowledged by your printer, remove it and replace it with the new cartridge again.  Sometimes a quick cartridge swap can convince your printer to accept the new cartridge.
  • Double check to ensure you removed protective seals. New cartridges come sealed at the ink nozzle to prevent the ink inside them from drying out. For some brands, a piece of tape with a tab will create this seal, for others, it’s a plastic piece. If you try to install a new cartridge into your printer without removing the seal, it may register the cartridge as installed but not allow ink to flow.
  • Check the vent. HP cartridges come with a vent that allows ink to flow smoothly. When this vent is blocked, it can prevent ink from leaving the cartridge. Check on the top back of the cartridge for an orange pull tab, and if this has been removed, you can clear the vent with a pin.
  • Run an extended cleaning cycle. If your printer has been sitting around for a while, the ink resting in the printhead can dry up and clog. Running an extended cleaning cycle will remove any unnecessary ink blockages and get your ink flowing again. If your prints are coming out smeared or extra faint, a cleaning cycle can help fix that as well.